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Having a perfect physique can always make you feel good!

Don’t compromise on your posture if you have safe and guarantee methods like G-FLexV Pro to enhance your physique.

Your Pro Development System

Designed Specifically for your posture development, the Growth- Flex V Pro Development system comprises of all the posture development techniques that benefits, men and women equally. It improves your height and posture in a natural way, causing no harm to your existing immune and hormone system.

Significant Results

According to the data gathered by the surveys of the users, the supplement could help enhance ½” to 3.5” of height. However, the results might vary based on health, diet, gene and personal efforts.

Supreme Quality

Customer satisfaction is something that helps us to set our product apart in the market. For our team, safety of customer and quality of product is the first preference and is applied to the entire range of Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height Development System. Product safety and integrity is our main concern and thus, is monitored at every step of the operation.

Special Formulated Dietary Plan

The supplement contains an exclusive dietary plan that helps to reap natural advantage to get results in real time. Thus the product is designed and developed with the help of licensed experts and laboratories. Formulated with premium ingredients the formula contains guarantee potency.

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body undergoes a lot of significant changes, both internally and

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Your Satisfaction is Our Main Concern

Entire Range of Growth Flex-V Pro comes with 90 days money back guarantee.

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Quality & Safety

Poor posture, malnutrition and brittle bones often lead to poor immune system and short stature. Having your posture or health in great shape tends make you feel good all over! How old you “feel” is often times determined by the condition of your posture. Stiff back equals feeling old regardless of age

Unsurpassed Quality

Quality and Safety for our customers is our top priority. This applies to our entire Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height  Development System.  Product integrity and safety are therefore strictly monitored at every step of the manufacturing and processing operations.

Benefits & Results

Customers have reported*: Improved height, better posture and satisfaction. For having a  prominent result in their height, these loyal and happy customers are a real asset to our product.

Grow Taller Debate

According to our research most men choose shorter females as partners and women choose taller males. There are other influences on partner choice, of course, including physical attractiveness, weight and educational level. Tall men also give women a license to wear high heels. That should cause no surprise: men are, on average, taller than women. Some jobs do require or at least favor tall people, including some manual labor jobs, law enforcement, most professional sports, flight attendants, and fashion modelling.

US Military pilots have to be 64 to 77 inches (160 to 200 cm) tall with a sitting height of 34 to 40 inches (86 to 100 cm). These exceptions noted, in the great majority of cases a person’s height would not seem to have an effect on how well they are able to perform their job. Nevertheless, studies have shown that short people are paid less than taller people, with disparities similar in magnitude to the race and gender gaps. Certain studies have shown that height is a factor in overall health while some suggest tallness is associated with better cardiovascular health and shortness with longevity.

Work For the Body You Want- Not For the Body You Have

Bring Nice Things to Your Body.

Strive For Progress- Perfection Will Follow on It’s Own

Why To Go For an Height Increase Formula!

Avrage height around the world!

In regions of poverty or warfare, environmental factors like malnutrition during childhood or even adolescence may account for delayed growth or marked reductions in adult height even without the presence of any medical conditions. The average height for each sex within a population varies significantly, with men being (on average) taller than women.

Know-how, Versatility & Innovation

Sinotech Int Corp (Canada) – A team of professionals committed to answering their clientele’s particular needs. Sinotech Int Corp (Canada) is committed to provided its customers with the highest quality products & services designed to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.

What are Gender Preferences?

Good height not only plays a vital role in building an impressive personality, but also indicates a sound growth of an individual. However, height cannot be the sole determining factor of a person’s health, as there are several factors which affect the height of an individual. In human beings, women are naturally shorter than men.

Research & Development Team

Sinotech Int Crop (Canada) a team of skilled and professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service. To ensure the highest standards of quality, all of our products are manufactured in factories that follow Health Department Regulations.

Who uses the Growth-FlexV® Pro System?

Our posture and height correction system is used by many athletes, professional models, as well as regular everyday people who want to reach better height and posture levels. Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height Development System is a wise choice for our clients.

Placing your order?

All orders are shipped via DHL express to US addresses and DHL Global Mail for all international destinations. Our servers encrypt all information submitted to them, so you can be confident that your credit card information will be kept safe and secure. All transactions at our site are conducted using 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

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What Our Customers Say!

Kevin Larsen Jr. - Age (25) - USA. - (Professional Hockey Player)

Dr.Tran’s Growth FlexV height system has helped me absorb big hits on the ice at games and practices.

Kevin Larsen Jr. - Age (25) - USA. - (Professional Hockey Player)

Helen Oum - Age (23) - Canada. -(Candidate Miss Cambodia (www.khmerlive.tv)

I want to thank Growth-FlexV Pro System for giving a better posture and health. Therefore, if you want to grow taller and be healthy.

Helen Oum - Age (23) - Canada. -(Candidate Miss Cambodia (www.khmerlive.tv)

Levy Z. - Age (61) -Tel Aviv Israel.

I stopped my height regression as people at my age are suffering in height retreat. I get lots of compliments from my immediate environment about my body shape which is a great feeling.

Levy Z. - Age (61) -Tel Aviv Israel.

Charles Lee - Age (21) - Canada. -(Certified Computer Programmer)

After many years of being short, gaining even an inch of extra height was worth a million for me.

Charles Lee - Age (21) - Canada. -(Certified Computer Programmer)

Anthony E - Age (19) - Canada. -(High School Student)

I was so sad of being too short! With the help of GrowthFlex I’ve experienced constant height gain success, week after week, month after month!

Anthony E - Age (19) - Canada. -(High School Student)

What you will receive with order

The packaging will come with prescription about how to use the supplement and other details about the extra physical activities as well as diet plan that is necessary to carry for ultimate effectiveness of the drug.