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Growth-FlexV® Pro System



Diamond Package

6 Months Supply
$399.99 $799.99

Gold Package

4 Months Supply
$299.99 $599.99

Bronze Package

3 Months Supply
$199.99 $399.99

Silver Package

1 Month Supply
$99.99 $199.99
  • Kevin Larsen Jr.
    Age: 25 from USA

    Dr. Tran’s Growth FlexV height system has helped me absorb big hits on the ice at games and practices. I was 6ft.1 and now I’ m 6ft. 3 after 6.5 months of treatment. Thank you so much guys for helping me in life and success!

    Profession: Hockey Player


  • Anthony E.
    Age: 19 from Canada

    I was so sad of being too short! With the help of GrowthFlex I’ve experienced constant height gain success, week after week, month after month! Thank you growth-flex.

    Profession: High School Student


  • Helen Oum
    Age: 23 from Canada

    I want to thank Growth-FlexV Pro System for giving a better posture and health. Therefore, if you want to grow taller and be healthy, I highly recommend to everybody this amazing product Growth-FlexV Pro System.

    Profession: Candidate Miss Cambodia Canada 2011 (


  • Charles Lee
    Age 21 from Canada

    Taller people tend to be more respected than shorter people! After many years of being short, gaining even an inch of extra height was worth a million for me. I Thank Growth-Flex for changing my life.

    Profession: Computer Programmer


  • Levy. Z
    Age: 61 from Tel Aviv, Israel

    GF has helped me tremendously in my posture correction, giving me positive energy, and helped me to build my bone density. Most importantly,  I stopped my height regression as people at my age are suffering in height retreat.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers!

Growth Flex ReviewsWe, here at GFlex Pro, are confident of our capability to serve you as a customer no matter wherever you are located. We want to offer you the best customer service so that you are satisifed and will recommend us to others. It is our priority to answer all of your questions. Here are most of the frequently asked questions that most of our clients have. If you still do not find the answer to your question, pease do not hesitate to contact contact us. We will get back to you with all of your questions answered within 24-48 hours.

How Do I Order Growth-FlexV® Pro System?

You can order Growth-FlexV® Pro System safely on our website using your credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover). Order Growth-FlexV® Pro System

If you do not have a credit card, we can accept the following methods of payments:

  • Western Union
  • Money Order
  • Cash Payment
  • Bank Tranfer

What Makes You Different From Other Companies?

First of all, just so that it is clear; We are not a scam! We are based in Canada. Our products are not made in India or China, they are proudly made in Canada. We do not sell magic height pills that will make you grow overnight. If you are looking for a quick height fix, you are better off to get height surgery which is very painful and costly. Our products are not just pills but a full and complete height increase system that is safe, effective and will help you increase your height but you need to give it a few short months before you can see the results!

Unlike other companies, we offer a 24/7 customer support with ALL questions answered! We process your orders within minutes after you place your order with us. We also help our clients by informing them regarding false online claims, scams and misleading products.

How Does Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System Work?

Growth-FlexV® Pro System works by improving your posture and regenerates your own natural growth giving you extra inches of height. This advanced bone growth techniques will also help you regenerate your growth plates safely, proportionally and permanently.

How Safe Is To Take Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System?

Your safety is our 1st priority, this is why we make sure that our products have passed all health department requirements. Our supplements are tested and known to be 100% safe, we assure you our products quality, effectiveness and safety. Our clients have also never reported any side effects!

Can Anyone Use Growth-FlexV® Pro System?

Growth-FlexV® Pro System is mostly recommended to be used from ages 16 to 45 as it is more effective. Do not use if you are pregnant.

What Are The Differences Between Growth-Flex V ® Pro System And Other Products?

There are many natural remedies, vitamins, and exercises that may help you improve your height. The problem in this industry is the multitude of invalid products and frauds, usually from a similar source. These fallacy artists exist here, as elsewhere, causing the rest impairment. Our mission is to help our clients be well-informed regarding false online claims and misleading products.

How Do You Ship My Order?

We provide shipping to all countries by DHL Express, USPS or Canda Post. All orders shipped to North America can take 3-5 business days. All international orders can take 5-10 buisness days on average. All shipment is Free if you order our 4 months package or more.s

Will My Growth Be Proportional & Permanent?

Absolutely! Your height growth will be both proportional and permanent. It will seem as if you grew taller naturally by going through a growth spurt and your friends won't be able to tell your secret!

How Do I Take Growth-FlexV® Pro System?

You should take 2 capsules daily with water. The first capsule of Bone Builder should be taken at least 1 hour before lunch and the second capsule of Growth-Flex should be 1 hour before dinner.

It is recommended to use the Growth-FlexV® Pro System for atleast 4 months, or upto 12 months for the Maximum results.

How Much Taller Will I Get?

Since the results vary from person to person just like for any other product, it is h