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Having a taller height will always make you feel good and proud of yourself! Don’t compromise on your height if you have a safe and guaranteed method like Growth-FLexV Pro to grow taller extra inches.

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Designed specifically for your posture & height increase, the Growth-Flex Pro is super simple and easy to use system that you will fall in love with!

Significant Results

Upto 4″ of Height Increase!

Our users gain incredible height results; Use it for a few months to gain extra inches of height!

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Safe & Effective!

Our products are made of high quality ingredients which is why they show very effective height results.

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Don’t be shy or lazy to send us a quick email or give us a call. If you’re busy, send us your call back number so we may call you back!

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What you will receive with your order

Your order will include the GFlex & Bone Builder supplements. You will also receive extra FREE BONUS material on how to effectively use your product for maximum results!

Kevin Larsen Jr. - Age (25) - USA. - (Professional Hockey Player)

Dr.Tran’s Growth FlexV height system has helped me absorb big hits on the ice at games and practices.

Kevin Larsen Jr. - Age (25) - USA. - (Professional Hockey Player)

Helen Oum - Age (23) - Canada. -(Candidate Miss Cambodia (www.khmerlive.tv)

I want to thank Growth-FlexV Pro System for giving a better posture and health. Therefore, if you want to grow taller and be healthy.

Helen Oum - Age (23) - Canada. -(Candidate Miss Cambodia (www.khmerlive.tv)

Levy Z. - Age (61) -Tel Aviv Israel.

I stopped my height regression as people at my age are suffering in height retreat. I get lots of compliments from my immediate environment about my body shape which is a great feeling.

Levy Z. - Age (61) -Tel Aviv Israel.

Charles Lee - Age (21) - Canada. -(Certified Computer Programmer)

After many years of being short, gaining even an inch of extra height was worth a million for me.

Charles Lee - Age (21) - Canada. -(Certified Computer Programmer)

Anthony E - Age (19) - Canada. -(High School Student)

I was so sad of being too short! With the help of GrowthFlex I’ve experienced constant height gain success, week after week, month after month!

Anthony E - Age (19) - Canada. -(High School Student)


Overview of Growth-FlexV® Pro

Our top priority is YOU! We want to offer you qulaity and safety. This is the dedication that applies to the entire Growth-FlexV® Pro Posture & Height Development System. We strictly monitor the safety & integrity at every step of the manufacturing and processing operations. Offering you the best products and an amazing service is our commitment to you. Our products are ideal for both women & men aged 16+ with → Short Height, → Mal Posture & → Low Self Esteem
Height Results 99.9%
User Experience 100%
Results Time 25%
Easy & Fun To Use 100%



Growth-FlexV® Pro – 3 Months System
Price: $199.99 (Recommended For Age 16 to 17)

Regular Price $400 / Available to ship



Growth-FlexV® Pro – 6 Months System
Price: $399.99 (Advanced Package)

Regular Price $600 / Available to ship


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